Why MAP4LIFE Westville?

It is said that if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”

“Life without a purpose, passion or a plan is like a ship without a sail or destination.”

Dr Myles E Munroe

Today is a grey day on our normally sunny and beautiful East Coast.  The rain and mist have arrived and we have lost sight of our ocean and everything else. We are trying to move forward without being to see what is ahead of us.

Life is also like that sometimes. That sometimes can also turn into all the time.

Life sends us a series of challenges and tests that seem designed to break us. At best they leave us with a feeling of despair and wondering what is coming next.

We forget about our purpose and passion as we become stuck in the daily grind of trying to survive what the world throws at us.

What is Map4life?

It is a process to empower people to achieve BALANCE and PURPOSE in LIFE, WORK and PLAY no matter where they are TODAY.

Why Map4life Westville?

To help everyone discover their purpose and passion.

And in doing so help them create lives filled with meaning and purpose.

I was inspired at the beginning of 2011 by the acknowledgement that Glen McQuirk,Founder of Map4life, wrote in this year’s edition of Map4life. He wrote about all the character traits he needed to get to the halfway mark to completing his 2020 vision.

They included attitude, belief, character, determination, goals, focus and hope among many others.

These are all character traits that are required in this often confusing and upside down world that we live in.

I would like to invite you to join me on this journey.